Instructions for speakers and participants for the PLAN-E Plenary 24-25 November 2020

Updated 29.10.2020


The program for the PLAN-E Plenary on the 24 – 25 November is available at the address:

To be able to attend the event everyone needs to register through the link at

The registration is closed!

Only by registration you can receive the link to attend the event.

Mail address for reaching to the event organisers


  • Please reserve 5 – 10 minutes at the end of your presentation slot for a couple of questions from the audience.
  • How to share your presentation in Zoom? (1) Connect to Zoom, if you aren’t already connected. (2) Click Share Screen button in the meeting controls. (3) Select the PowerPoint/PDF/Presentation window then click Share.


  • Do I have to be registered? Yes, you do. Only registered people can enter the meeting. If some of your colleagues are not registered yet please inform them that registration closes on Saturday 21 November at 11 pm CET.
  • How to join and rejoin the meeting: In good time before the event starts on the 24th November, you will receive an email with the link to join the meeting. You must use that link to join ANY of the sessions during the day. If you drop off during the day, use the same link to reconnect.
  • I cannot find the link to join the plenary email: Please email and we will send you a new one.
  • Who can I contact if I have any problems in connecting to the meeting?  Please send an email to


  • If you would like to speak during the meeting, please use the raise your hand button of Zoom. Click on the “participants” icon at the bottom of your screen, then on the side list click “Raise hand” and wait for the chairman to ask you to speak. Please also “lower your hand” if you raised it and do not want to speak any more.
  • If you experience difficulties in using the audio to talk, you can use the chat button to write to the others. Please select “to everyone” if you want to share your comment in public, or select the recipient if you want to send a private comment just to one person.


  • Please make sure you always connect at least 10 minutes before the start of the session. This will allow you to make sure that your connection link works and that you are in the session.
  • The meeting runs on Zoom. If you have never used it before please do a test.
  • If you run with a laptop or mobile device, connect it to the power supply, do not run on batteries.
  • Connect your device, whenever possible, to a wired network connection directly. If at home, connect to a wired port of your home router. WiFi is not so good for A/V traffic.
  • Use headphone or ear jacks, not the loudspeakers of your device to make audio much better for all.
  • Keep your microphone muted when not speaking.
  • If you are running Zoom through a slow connection it might be helpful to turn off your video stream to save bandwidth.
  • If you do not see the buttons at the bottom of the Zoom window, move the mouse on that window and buttons will appear.
  • If you experience bad quality in audio, try switching off your video (webcam button at the bottom of your Zoom screen).

Please do not hesitate to contact  if you have any questions

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