Answers to questions from workshop 1

PLAN-E Workshop-1@IEEE eScience Conference Munich September 3rd 2015.

Subject: Exchange of Knowledge and Information

Answers to questions and issues raised during workshop 1

Where can I find funding opportunities and information on relevant calls?

Below is a list of websites with information on Horizon2020 calls and related information. These links are as yet not specific for any particular purpose or domain, but provide a first link to the open opportunities.

Information from PLAN-E members on specifics of calls or expressi0ns of interest to co-operate in one of these calls can be found here later.

What is e-infrastructure (what are grids, clouds, where does my problem fit best?)

The answer to this question will follow later (today is 28-09-2015)

Where can I find cross disciplinary examples/success stories from science point of view?

PLAN-E provides under the topic DOCUMENTS all presentations of all PLAN-E meetings. Quite a few of those concern best practices. In due course these presentations will be categorized according to their domain and be re-listed here. In addition links to other stories will be added.

Which courses are given where? What about teaching and education?

PLAN-E will work on a list of courses, summer/winter schools and other information on teaching and education. However, members of PLAN-E will have to provide that information first and the list will be limited by courses given in English.

What happens on escience/data science outside of the traditional (HPC, eScience, etc.) centers?

It will be difficult to keep a list of all that happens in eScience, Data Research, Computational Science beyond the member organizations of PLAN-E. There will be a list of non-European organizations involved in eScience globally.

A list of general information sites covering eScience and/or data science or e-infrastructures can be found below:

Overview of (European) resources and services

An overview of European computing, grid and storage resources is available via the website. This knowledgebase also links to the support organizations and cross links to projects and contact persons. Any additions PLAN-E would like to add to that overview will be provided to the e-IRG.

Where can I find software and tools?

PLAN-E will publish a growing list of software resources and related information. For now we provide the link to the NLeSC’s eScience Technology Platform ( for the available resources there and to the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI, UK) ( for further documentation.

Who is taking care of software (software sustainability) and what about quality?

The answer of this question is subject of many national and international discussions. In the UK the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) has this as one of its responsibilities and provides many guidelines and practical suggestions for this topic. On October 1, 2 2015, in Berlin, a Knowledge Exchange meeting will take place solely on this topic. Participating organisations are among others: Deutsche Forschungs Gesellschaft (D), JISC (UK), DANS and NLeSC (NL).

Also for quality assessment and certification discussions are going on. A Software Seal of Approval is in the making. As soon as more is known about the progress, this will be shared on this website.

Where can I find researcher profiles and research areas

Compiling a list of researchers knowledgeable in one of the domains in the area of eScience is a complex matter. This list will be under continuous change conditions, needs to be kept up-to-date and will suffer from privacy conditions. Although the rationale for such a list is well understood, such a list will not be compiled or provided at this moment.

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