Here you find the background documents to PLAN -E and the meeting reports and presentations can be found and downloaded. (Note: most downloadables link directly to the pdf!)

Formal documents

Terms of Reference: ToR version 29, 30 September 2014

PLAN-E White Paper: Insight out!

Two-pager to the White paper

Letter Robert-Jan Smits (DG Research)

Meeting presentations and reports

Here you find all presentations and reports ever produced at or after the PLAN-E Plenaries.

->New: Tenth Plenary Meeting (Rome 15-16 April 2019)

Booklet PLAN-E Plenary Rome 15-16 April 2019 (Program and speakers)

01-Aerts- PLAN-E Plenary meeting and workshop Rome April 15-16 2019 (opening))

02-Ruggieri PLAN-E Meeting Rome 15-04-2019 Intro by the local host (GARR)

03-Burgelman 2019 EOSC update

04-Luyben EOSC from the Executive Committee point of view

05-Muscella EOSC building a stakeholder community

06-Aerts PLAN-E Intro to “HPC in Europe”

07-Hazeleger PLAN-E Rome HPC in Europe, a scientists’ point of view

08-Berberich PLAN-E Rome – state of affairs at PRACE

09-Koski PLAN-E Presenting EuroHPC

10-Chue Hong PLAN-E Rome, Role of software in Cultural Heritage

11-Kemp PLAN-E_Rome AARNet and Cultural Heritage

12-Doorn PLAN-E Rome Cultural Heritage a cross-sector matter

13-Holmgren PLAN-E eSSENCE invites you in Lund 16-17 October 2019 for the first PLAN-E lustrum

Ninth Plenary Meeting (Amsterdam, 29 October 2018)

The ninth Plenary was organised in the form of a workshop under the umbrella of the IEEE eScience Conference (29/10-1/11 2019)

Plenary/Workshop Program booklet

01-Opening words by PLAN-E (Patrick Aerts) 

02-Introduction to the eScience Center (Wilco Hazeleger)

03-EOSC-PlanE-introduction and overview (Damien Lecarpentier)

04-Towards the EOSC- a national e-infrastructures point of view (Erik Fledderus)

05-Integrating towards a cloud, the e-IRG vision (Arjen van Rijn)

06-The EOSC needs a vehicle to bring in the data, it’s called FAIR (Sverker Holmgren)

07-Going FAIR all the way (Erik Schultes)

08-FAIR enough – a researcher friendly checklist and a not so friendly assessment of the FAIRness of repositories (Peter Doorn)

09-FAIR Science following the onion model (Kees den Heijer)

10-A new (PLAN-E) member’s vision on the EOSC (Gudmund Høst)

11- eScience is FAIR science – Implementation in Germany (Dieter Kranzlmüller)

Eighth Plenary Meeting (Paris, 19-20 April 2018)

Plenary schedule

Opening presentation (Patrick Aerts)

Intro by the local host (Volker Beckmann)

France Grilles: the French national grid infrastructure (Vincent Breton)

Harmonising_the French_Computing_Landscape PLAN-E_(Volker Beckmann)

The Impact of National Supercomputing in Denmark_PLAN-E Paris 2018 (Lene Krøl Andersen)

The long tail of Science (Vincent Breton)

The long tail of Data (Peter Doorn)

Intro to the discussions on the EOSC (Patrick Aerts)

Proposal_summary-FAIRsFAIR (Damien Lecarpentier)

National updates on the EOSC/FAIR implementations


France: The overview as given during the opening session on Harmonisation

Germany: RDM-LRZ Overview

Greece: Greece PLAN-E Paris Greek overview

Hungary: EOSC and FAIR in Hungary

Italy: Report from Italy

Netherlands: FAIR_in_the_Netherlands

Nordic countries: Nordic Countries on NOSC

Poland: Poland overview

Switserland: Switserland Plan-E Update Switzerland

Turkey: EOSC in Turkey- state of affairs

UK: EOSC intro UK

Flyer_IEEE eScience conference, next host, next Plenary 2018

Reports from the Paris Plenary

Report PLAN-E workshop Harmonisation towards the EOSC

Report PLAN-E workshop The long tail of Science and Data

Seventh Plenary Meeting (Oxford, 10-11 October 2017)

Plenary schedule

Intro to workshop GDPR (Marlon Domingus) (about European privacy legislation)

Intro to workshop Academic position escience research workers (Gareth O’Neill)

Intro to workshop EOSC continued: the PLAN-E support

Sixth Plenary Meeting (Poznan 27-28 April 2017)

Plenary schedule

PLAN-E Plenary Opening slides

Local host (PSNC) opening_introduction – Norbert Meyer

EOSC by Augusto Burgueno (EC)

EOSC German contribution – Arndt Bode (D)

EOSC French contribution – Genevieve Romier (F)

EOSC UK contribution – Matthew Dovey (UK) (not public)

EOSC Poland contribution – Norbert Meyer (Pl)

EOSC Nordic/SNIC contribution – Andreas Hellander (S)

EOSC Italic contribution – Luciano Gaido (It)

FAIR & Interoperability – Peter Doorn  (DANS-NL)

Workshop report PLAN-E workshop EOSC v1.03

Workshop report The “I” in FAIR

Fifth Plenary Meeting (Lugano, 8-9 September 2016)

Program of the fifth Plenary Meeting

Notes of the fifth Plenary Meeting Lugano, 8-9 September 2016

Opening words (Patrick Aerts)

Welcome by the Local host (Michele de Lorenzi (CSCS))

Introductions to the workshop Data in Depth

Report Workshop Data in Depth

Introductions to the workshop Incentives and rewarding systems

Report Workshop Incentives and rewarding systems

Inserted addition topic: Block Chain for e-infrastructures, by Can Ozturan

Presentation on next PLAN-E meeting in Poznan, Poland (Norbert Meyer)

Fourth Plenary Meeting (Dublin, 9-10 May 2016)

Program of the fourth Plenary Meeting

General introductions to topics (Patrick Aerts)

Introduction by the local host (Simon Wong, ICHEC)

Notes of the fourth Plenary Meeting

Introductory presentations to workshop 1: eSkills

Open Science Conference (Patrick Aerts)
eSkills for Science (Lene Krøl Andersen)
eSkills in education and post graduates (Sverker Holmgren)
Skills for eScience (Joshua Ryan-Saha)

Notes of the eSkills workshop

Introductory presentations to workshop 2: Software Sustainability

The eScience technology platform (Rob van Nieuwpoort)
e-Science and Sofware Sustainability in France (Genevieve ROMIER)
Involving the Science Community in Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability – A Conceptual Approach (Patrick Aerts)

Notes of the Software Sustainability Workshop

Presentation of the next meeting in Lugano

Third Plenary Meeting (Munich, Workshop 3-9-2015, Internal meeting 4-9-2015)

Notes of third Plenary Meeting of PLAN-E

Workshop session 3-9-2015

Patrick Aerts, Presenting PLAN-E

Anton Frank, eScience in Germany

Anders Hast, Challenges of providing a common format for up-to-date eScience graduate education at Swedish universities and HPC centres

Working session, moderated by Neil Chue Hong: How can PLAN-E be instrumental in knowledge exchange and exchange of other escience/data science related information

Wilco Hazeleger: To get science from escience

Bob Bishop: Engaging the Public in Science Narrative – the use of modelling, simulation, vizualisation and big data tools (links to the ICES foundation)

Rob van Nieuwpoort: eSTEP, an eScience Technology Platform

Working session, moderated by Neil Chue Hong How can PLAN-E be instrumental to get a solid policy for software sustainability and data stewardship established for academia in Europe?

PLAN-E member meeting 4-9-2015

eScience in Austria (Thomas Haselwanter)

eScience in Turkey (Can Ozturan)

eScience in Belgium (Rosette Vandenbroucke)

eScience in France (Genevieve Romier)

Presentation by EGI (Yin Chen) EGI: Towards an Open Science Commons

Presentation by SSI (Neil Chue Hong) Software Sustainability Institute: informing national policy

Presentation about eScience in South Africa (Colin Wright)

Second Plenary Meeting (Copenhagen, April 9,10 2015)

Notes of the second Plenary Meeting of PLAN-E, Copenhagen April 9-10 2015

Patrick Aerts: About the program 2nd meeting of PLAN-E

Frank Seinstra: Broadening the Scope and Impact of eScience

Ingela Nyström: A case study: Swedish strategies for research infrastructures from an e-Science users perspective

Michele de Lorenzi (CH): CSCS and modern HPC services

Kashif Iqbal (IE): ICHEC, a 10 minute overview

Juan Bicarregui (UK): STFC presentation for PLAN-E

Lene Krøl Andersen (DK): The establishment of DeIC’s eScience Center of Competences

Dieter Kranzlmüller (D): DRIHM and e-­Science Support

Panos Louridas (GR), GreekResearchand Technology Network S.A. GRNET

Michele de Lorenzi (CH) Success stories at CSCS

Sergio Andrezotti (EGI) Open Science Commons

Lajos Balint (H) and Panos Louridas (GR), knowledge dissemination and website

Norbert Meyer (PL), Patrick Aerts (NL) Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability workshop-introduction

Peter Doorn (NL), PLAN-E meeting Copenhagen April 2015

Herman Stehouwer (MPG, D) Data stewardship framework

Patrick Aerts (NL), Towards robust Data Stewardship and Software Sustainability

Federico Ruggieri, Education and academic positioning of e-Science researchers

Constituting Meeting (Amsterdam September 29, 30 2014)

Program and intro, Patrick Aerts

00-Wim Jansen, EC, Plan-E Amsterdam

01-Karolj Skala, RBI_Presentation

02-Lajos Balint, eScience Forum Presentation – AMS 29-30 September 2014

03- David Wallom OeRC-PLAN-E, 14-09-29

04-Dana Petcu

05-Marian Bubak-PLAN-E-29-09-2014-Slides

06-Aneta Karaivanova, IICT_focal_point_eS

07-Rene Belsø DeIC@PLAN-E – 2014-09-29

08-PLAN-E-Ruggieri-Campanella V1

09-Norbert Meyer CyberBaltic_PLAN-E

10-Sverker Holmgren PLAN-E-140929

11-Panos Louridas-GRNET_eScience_PLAN-e

12-Wilco Hazeleger NLeSCintro_PlanE

13-Vincent Breton-eScience in France v1

14-Ignacio Blanquer eScience in Spain (video)