This page contains the background documents to PLAN -E, meeting reports and presentations from plenary meetings.

General PLAN-E documents

Meeting presentations and reports

10th Plenary Meeting (Rome 15-16 April 2019)

9th Plenary Meeting (Amsterdam, 29 October 2018)

The ninth Plenary was organised in the form of a workshop under the umbrella of the IEEE eScience Conference (29/10-1/11 2019)

8th Plenary Meeting (Paris, 19-20 April 2018)

7th Plenary Meeting (Oxford, 10-11 October 2017)

6th Plenary Meeting (Poznan 27-28 April 2017)

5th Plenary Meeting (Lugano, 8-9 September 2016)

4th Plenary Meeting (Dublin, 9-10 May 2016)

3rd Plenary Meeting (Munich, Workshop 3-9-2015, Internal meeting 4-9-2015)

Workshop session 3-9-2015

PLAN-E member meeting 4-9-2015

2nd Plenary Meeting (Copenhagen, April 9,10 2015)

1st plenary / Constituting Meeting (Amsterdam September 29, 30 2014)

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