About PLAN-E

The principal goal of PLAN-E is to act in support of Enhancing Science. The objective of PLAN-e is to bring together leading influential eScience centres across Europe to help coordinate ongoing innovation in scientific methods and exploitation of infrastructure. The goals of PLAN-E cover all the topics that help promoting the escience approach and strengthening the groups and centers conducting escience. The Terms of Reference of PLAN-E are available here.

More in particular, PLAN-E:

  • Forms a forum for exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field in order to strengthen the European position in the eScience domain;
  • Discusses common approaches to eScience;
  • Communicates about eScience and the way it is showing results in all disciplines;
  • Represents the European eScience scene as embodied by the PLAN-E community externally and internationally in addition to the individual representations from the participating members where applicable. In particular towards the EC in relation to future funding schemes;
  • Proposes evaluation criteria for the quality, impact and benefits of eScience activities;
  • Supports actions towards data stewardship and software availability and sustainability;
  • Will take endeavours to stimulate quality and quality ranking of eScience publishing means;
  • Facilitates the interaction between its members;
  • Will encourage and provide eScience requirements towards improved e-infrastructure provisioning and usage;
  • Will communicate best eScience practices regarding the use of e-infrastructures and ICT tools;
  • Will strive for the improvement of the skills-level of students and researchers in eScience techniques and stimulate the upgrading of the status of eScience technologists and engineers.

This list of goals is neither complete nor exclusive and forms a list of guidelines for actions to be taken. This list will be adapted annually to fit the needs and insights of the members of the Platform.


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