Welcome to PLAN-E

PLAN-E is THE meanwhile established “Platform of National eScience Centers in Europe”. The Platform unites the efforts of escience groups across Europe in order to strengthen the European position in the escience domain.

eScience is loosely defined as the working domain in between science/research and ICT+e-Infrastructures and encompasses Computational Research and Data Science. A recent quote on eScience by Patrick Aerts says:

“eScience enhances science by maximizing the potential science output through the optimal use/deployment of ICT and e-infrastructures”

More can be found in the Terms of Reference

eScience graphically

PLAN-E addresses:

  • Knowledge exchange;
  • Data stewardship and Software sustainability;
  • Awareness creation through visible representation of PLAN-E;
  • Education and academic positioning of e-Science researchers.

To this end PLAN-E organizes a series of meetings, at least twice annually.

Click on a logo below to go to a member organization or to a sister organization: ePLAN.

News: the next Plenary is scheduled to take place in Rome, 15-16 April 2019.
Topics: Accelerating the EOSC, HPC in Europe and Cultural Heritage

The most recent PLAN-E Plenary took place under the umbrella of the IEEE eScience Conference, Amsterdam, October 29-November 1 2018, in the form of a workshop

All presentations given during the Amsterdam Plenary/Workshop are now on line (see Documents)

News: Presentations of the PLAN-E Plenary in Paris, 19-20 April 2018 on line

News: New reports from the Paris PLAN-E Plenary on line

Take a look at the EOSC Workshop report (Poznan 27-28 April 2017)

Scheduled next PLAN-E Plenaries: April 2019 in Rome (Italy), October 2019 Sweden.

Presentations 7th PLAN-E Plenary, Oxford 10-11 October 2017 on line (see under documents).

PLAN-E invited to present its view on the EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) at the invitation-only event on the EOSC in Brussels, June 12.

NLeSC and DANS published a policy awareness document on the importance of Research Software and Sustainability

ePLAN, the Platform of eScience/Data Research Centers in The Netherlands, published a survey report on the Dutch national ICT-infrastructure. Although the document is in Dutch, you may be able to pick up some interesting elements.

See what happened during the meeting of PLAN-E with Robert-Jan Smits (DG Research&Innovation) last Thursday March 10th in Amsterdam. Details here

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Website: Courtesy Netherlands eScience Center

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